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Budgie care sheet

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Originate from: Australia
Lifespan: 10-15yrs in captivity
Adult Size: Approx 6 inches long
Sexing: Adult females = a brown cere (above beak)
Adult males = blue cere (except yellow, albino or pied which may have a
pinkish/purple cere). Budgies under 6 months of age can be very difficult
to sex as their ceres all generally look a pinkish purple colour. However,
females sometimes have white rings around their nostrils.
Colours: Budgies occur in a variety of colours such as blue, green, grey,
pied, lutino and albino.


Housing: Budgies can be kept in cages indoors or aviaries outside. If kept in
cages they will need regular exercise outside of the cage. They like the
company of their own species so should be kept in pairs or small groups (all
obtained at the same time). Two males will get on just as well as two
females or a mixed pair. They will only breed if provided with a breeding
box. Budgies enjoy playing, so should be provided with plenty of toys to
keep them stimulated. They also like to bathe regularly so a bird bath
should be placed in their cage.


Budgies are very intelligent and can learn to speak (if kept alone) and do
tricks. Males are generally better talkers.


Feeding: A good quality budgie seed mix as a staple diet, supplemented
with millet sprays, small pieces of fruit and vegetables, and egg food (such
as E.M.P). Cuttlefish, iodine blocks and grit should also be available at all


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